Affirmations Publishing House is a vibrant company on a mission to pass positive messages around the globe. The word Affirmation means "a positive statement or judgement" and this definition totally supports our company philosophy.

In 1987, we travelled throughout Australia and could not find a collection of cards anywhere that really inspired us, that were creative, special and yet succinct in the messages they conveyed.  We realised this was something we could do together from anywhere in the world, and so the idea for the Affirmations company was born in August 1988 in Sydney with just 24 cards designed on our dining room table.

We have developed a business we are proud of and we owe much of our success to the power of positive thinking. Each year we send literally millions of positive messages out into the world which is adding to the lives of others.

Our aim is to help you achieve a more positive life, give you a fantastic feeling, and hope that those you pass our products onto receive something special, too.  Helping us to feel good on the inside are the gentle affirmations we see every day in the course of our work with our products.  Affirming ourselves, reminding us to think positively and having fun on our journey through life helps to improve the quality of our lives, helps us grow and frees up energy for things that matter the most.

At our warehouse we recycle everything that comes in.  All our power comes from renewable energy sources.  We print on recycled paper using vegetable-based inks, shred all paper for packaging and use environmentally sound packing beads when we send your orders.

It is our pledge to take active responsibility in reshaping the role of business in society and the environment as well as to provide secure, stable and meaningful employment for our staff both here in Bellingen and people around the globe.  We invite people into a world that delivers an environment where they can participate, enjoy and create.  We want to make it fun and engaging and strive for a mutually beneficial outcome.


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